Can you make me a personalized stamp?

Yes, please do not hesitate to contact us with your graphic design. We will prepare an individual offer.


Do you ship to... (the US, Canada, the UK, France,...)? 

Yes, we ship to the US, Canada, all of Europe, and many other countries around the world. If you put your order into the Cart, just select your country from the list (see picture No.1  below). If your country is not there, please contact us, we will check the shipping conditions, and add it to our list.


How much the shipping cost and what's the delivery time?

It depends on the country. Usually, the shipping costs 4,9 EUR for a package of 100 g. The shipping also depends on the weight of the package, you can see the shipping cost once you put all the goods you wish to purchase into the Cart and fill in your country. Then the e-shop will calculate the exact shipping cost before your payment. (see picture No.1  below)

The delivery time also depends on the country. Usually, the delivery time to Europe is about 1 week, to the US or Canada it is about 3 weeks.


Is it possible to pay by card or Paypal?

Yes, it is possible to pay by card, PayPal or bank transfer. (see picture No.1  below)


Picture No.1 - Delivery details


My payment failed or the system didn't transfer me to the payment gate.

Sometimes the connection between our e-shop and payment gate can fail. Please, don't worry. No technology is perfect, there can be some updates that are causing the problem.

If you are not sure if the payment was successful, please wait, we will contact you via e-mail (please check your Spam/Promo folders). If you are sure the payment failed, just wait and try to make your order again the next day. 


What is the average lifespan of these bioplastic stamps?

The behaviour of the materials we use (bioplastic) and its degradation is similar to ordinary plastics. PLA is a little bit harder and therefore more durable (similarly as hardwood, for example oak).
The "bio" of the plastic means that it is biodegradable, however it only degrades in compost, not during your workshop :)
Our tools are intended for hobby use. (They are not made of stainless steel.)
If you use them according to the instruction manual, they will last for many years.


Will the stamps stick to the clay?

These tools are very similar to wooden tools in the way they react to clay. For best results use them on almost leather hard clay. If you need to stamp into wetter clay we recommend that the stamps be slightly oiled, a few drops of vegetable oil on a sponge is enough. Or you can lightly dust them with cornstarch before stamping. Alternatively, stamp over plastic wrap or a cloth, you can get some interesting edge effects this way.


How do I clean the stamps?

When cleaning the stamps we recommend washing them briefly in warm water (max 50°C) and then rinsing them under running water using a sponge or non-metallic brush to clear away any clay residue. Shake off any excess water and dry on a towel.



Are these easy to use and store?

For easy usage and handy storage in the studio, use the wooden rod (1 included in each pack). Buy extra rods (8 mm diameter) in our e-shop, singles, or packs of 10 for better value. Store them upside down in a mug so they are always on hand.



Where can I buy extra rods?

Extra rods are available in our e-shop either as singles or packs of 10 for extra value. Alternatively, you can purchase any softwood 8 mm rods and use those. If you have any difficulty inserting your rod try 'screwing' it into the stamp holder or roll 1cm of the rod on a table edge to slightly compress it. This should make it fit more easily.


Are Relyef tools only for use on clay?

Our tools are suitable for use with clay, polymer clay, modurite, and many other similar products. Fine patterns work best on fine clay and larger patterns for coarser clay. When using an oil-based clay, eg. Plastelin, consider stamping using a plastic film to make the cleaning of the stamps easier.

Our stamps can also be used, to a limited extent, on wet leather.

To avoid damaging the stamps, use only manual pressure, avoid using a press or vice. At present we are working on an alternative product that has increased mechanical resistance. If you're interested in this technique, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Is it possible to use Relyef stamps for soap decoration?

We can't say this from our own experience, but we do have a few satisfied soap maker customers, who gave us these tips for you:
1st tip by Saskia from Sunshine Soaps - New Zealand: "I purchased the chakra pottery stamps to make my chakra soaps for a course I'm running. I could purchase moulds for soaps but I really wanted stamps. So I risked buying these with fingers and toes crossed. I'm so delighted that they worked perfectly. Great people, great service, I highly recommend. Next, I would like to try the earth, wind, water, and fire ones. Happy soaping everyone ???? BTW my soaps are CP and stamped the following day after unmoulding."
2nd tip by Misty from Carolina Organics Soap Co.: "These stamps work amazingly for me. The best advice is to wait till your soap has been cut into bars and then cured for just a couple days. By then the soap bar is firm enough to handle the stamping pressure but soft enough so that it only takes a little pressure to make the image. The stamps can also be dipped into shimmer for a more bold effect! The time to stamp may depend on the soap recipe but most of the time two days is the perfect amount of time to stamp. My recipe cures very hard so I could wait any longer than that. Some soaps that remain soft longer could be stamped later on in the cure process."




Is it possible to use Relyef tools on leather?

Reliéf tools are usable (to a limited extent) even for pressing into wet leather. To avoid damaging the dies, press them manually, gently, without using a press, vise, or similar mechanical tools.

For pressing into leather we are working on making special, low-handed presses with increased mechanical resistance. If you are interested in this technique, do not hesitate to contact us.


Is this material safe to use with food?

Our products are not officially certified for food contact. However, no adverse effects on human health are expected to appear under normal conditions of usage of the material from which our stamps are made, the mixture is biologically inert.
Many people use our products to decorate cookies dough, etc. However, this is at your own risk. Please, examine in detail the documents published by the material manufacturer: https://www.filament-pm.com/filament-1-75-pla-silver-2-kg/p170
Safety data-sheet, Directive RoHS.


How to use the handle forms?


Before using them on a mug, first try to pull the halves apart several times so the rod smoothes and you're sure it doesn't get stuck and ruin your finished product. There can be little bits of debris and wood chips that might make it stuck or the rod can be damp and change its size. Make sure you keep your tools dry. When you're making the handle, let it dry a little so you're sure it holds shape on its own, then slowly wobble the form out.

You can watch an instruction video here: youtu.be/unrDz6jfdbM


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