Rules of “Show What You Can Do” Competition for a Voucher for Purchase of Rélyéf Tools Worth Up To € 100


1.   Competition Organizer

  • The competition is organized by Tomáš Macek, with registered offices at Maršov 173, 66471 Maršov, Czech Republic, business ID: 60494000, V.A.T. ID 7308093815, registered with the municipal Council of Tišnov (hereinafter the “Organizer”).
  • The competition is not held in cooperation with Instagram or Facebook. These platforms are only used for promotion of the competition.



2.   Competition Term

  • The competition will take place in the period between 1 October 2019 and 25 November 2019 (to be accepted for the competition the answers must be delivered on 25 November 2019 at 11:59 pm at the latest). The competition venue will be the

Rélyéf web site on



3.   Eligible Competitors

  • The permitted participants in the competition include any natural person over 18 years of age accepting the competition rules (hereinafter “Participant”). The competition is not open to individuals in employment or any other similar relationship to the Organizer and other companies involved in the competition preparation and organization.


3.   Rules of Competition

  • A Participant may enter the competition by:
    • Submitting a photograph of a finished ceramic product (1-3 photographs of a single product decorated by Rélyéf brand punches or discs with the minimum resolution of 4000/3000/24 px to the email address:
    • and adding a review of one of the Rélyéf products used for production of the above mentioned product by placing it on the web site of (for example if you used the butterfly punches for the product -> find the product on the web site and add a reference – see fig.), to be subsequently approved by the site administrator (the review, whether positive or negative, must not violate good manners)
    • The Participant can optionally enter his/her name, alias or reference to his/her profile on the social media in the email if he/she wishes these data to be visible when the competition results are published on the web site and in social media


  • By submitting a competing object the Participant expresses his/her explicit consent with the Rules of the Competition and with publication of his/her contribution on the web site and social media, with potential inclusion of the name or alias of the Participant or reference to his/her social media profile (for the Participants providing these data) and any other use for the purpose of promotion of the Rélyéf brand
  • By entering the competition the Participant agrees to be bound by the Rules of the Competition. Every Participant can enter the competition multiple times (with more products)



4.  Competition Wins and their Giving

  • The winner is a Participant duly fulfilling all competition conditions and meeting the criteria for the winner (hereinafter the “Winner”). Every Participant can become the competition Winner just once.
  • After the competition closing the Organizer will select 5 Winners
  • The wins will be represented by vouchers for purchases in the e-shop on (postage free) in the amount of:


1st prize - € 100

2nd prize - € 80

3rd prize - € 70

4th prize - € 60

5th prize - € 40

  • The Winners will be informed about their wins by e-mail in 5 days from the competition closing and will receive by post a single-use discount code for purchase of Rélyéf brand tools in the e-shop on The discount voucher will be valid for 30 days.



5.  Final Provisions

  • The competition Organizer does not take responsibility for any incomplete or otherwise defective contribution to the competition resulting in impossibility to accept the contribution to the competition in connection with technical or other complications on the Participant´s side or limitations on the Organizer´s side.
  • The competition Organizer hereby reserves the right to exclude contributions not meeting the conditions defined by these Rules in the competition or exclude them from the competition any time in the course of its term or after its closing, including without giving the reason for the exclusion, and without the right of the Participant submitting the excluded contribution to any compensation.
  • There is no legal claim for the win and the win value cannot be cashed.


  • By sending their contributions to the competition the Participants accept all its rules and conditions. The decisions of the Organizer about any matters concerning the competition are final. The Rules of the Competition will be accessible online during the competition term and for another 30 days after the competition closing. The Organizer hereby reserves the right to change the Rules of the Competition unilaterally any time, or terminate the competition without giving the reasons for the termination, with his decision taking effect at the moment of its publication.


  • These conditions come to force and effect on 1 October 2019.
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