About us


We have been specializing in making ceramics since 1989.

We are engaged in the development and production of decorative tools, especially tools for ceramics decoration. We have a wide range of assortment and most of them are made of bioplastic (safe, non-destructive and biodegradable).

Thanks to deep roots and rich experience in this field we are able to provide valuable advice and high quality assortment, which help people to understand, that the world of ceramics is full of creativity and enjoyment and appreciate it as a form of art. We want to offer high quality goods to passionate artists as well as to beginners to make ceramics a real experience.


Tomas Macek & Radovan Markes


ART keramika

Tomas Macek

Marsov 173

664 71, Maršov

Czech Republic

IC: 60494000

DIC: CZ 7308093815

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